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July 29, 2012

Flowering vines

With the garlic out, we decided to finally plant the flowers we had planned for this year.  (The battle with the squirrels was just too much, so we skipped the veggies this year.  Kept the mint for salads and cocktails though!)

The climbing vines are morning glory and jasmine.  The morning glory is supposed to be a “fast climber” but only wants to go up; we’re having a hard time getting it to go out wide.  The jasmine is a “moderate climber” and did really well after we tied a few branches wider with twist ties.  Strangely enough, the blooms really went crazy after we tied the branches.  Not sure what happened there, but who’s complaining? It smells amazing.

The garden right after planting (end of June):

The morning glory and jasmine after a month (end of July):


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June 4, 2011

Supporting the peas

It’s Week 2, and the sugar snap peas are growing daily, but we couldn’t get them to climb the railing as planned… well it turns out that since peas have tendrils, they have to climb horizontal supports and won’t do anything with vertical ones.

This article was super helpful in describing the differences between climbing plants.

I had kitchen string and decided it was kind of ugly, so I braided it. Then we took long pieces and wove them in and out of the railing, with a normal double knot on each end. I thought they might slip, but so far so good. Climb on, little peas!