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May 28, 2011

Growing fast!

Okay so perhaps not obvious in this picture, but these plants are growing really fast! The squash in particular are putting out giant new leaves, and the fennel grows from little furry nub to giant fennel feathery leaf within a day. I think the seedlings love that great organic soil from Maine. Who wouldn’t love soil that has blueberries in it??

May 21, 2011

Building the Garden

We decided to go with long cedar planters from Home Depot. I couldn’t figure out if the wood had been treated or not, but I *really* didn’t want to have to build something from scratch… The planters are cedar, which is said to last and help prevent rot, etc. They don’t seem to be constructed terribly well; we had to reinforce the corners with some nails.  Bottom line: for my impatient self, they were ready-made and good enough!

Our seedlings came from Allandale Farm in Brookline, which is convenient in terms of location and selection. We walked out with everything on the list (subbed in summer squash for zucchini) plus organic soil and large gravel. The most exciting find, though, were these little 1″ square rubber feet that go on each corner of the planter to raise it up in a completely subtle way. I was worried that bricks would look really terrible, and these little guys saved the day! We just nailed them onto the bottom of each planter corner.

And in a day, we were set. Corn, green beans, sugar snap peas, summer squash, scallions, cherry tomatoes and heirloom brandywine tomatoes. For herbs we have fennel, dill and basil. I have a feeling that the squirrels are going to give me a hard time with the corn, but we’ll see.