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November 12, 2011


We kind of skipped fall (or I just was too swamped to notice it pass by) so even though it seemed a little late to do so, I pulled up the remnants of our beans and tomatoes and planted 40 cloves of garlic! Hopefully the garlic will snuggle in for winter as we do, and come spring, we’ll have delicious scapes to eat and enough heads of garlic to last us for the year.  Technically, according to The Google, it’s okay to plant through November, so I guess we just made it.

I got the seed garlic from Allandale Farms, and when I got home and broke up the cloves, half of them seemed a little questionable – rotten perhaps, and some were dusted with a white moldy surface – almost like a brie cheese crust.  Not a problem, though, as when I brought the questionable ones back, they confirmed that they wouldn’t have sprouted and traded them out for new ones.  So we got a full 40 into the planters and will see what happens next year!