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June 12, 2011

Squirrels 5, Elaine 2

We finally made it to the hardware store and found this light aluminum screen material (I think it’s meant to reinforce window and door screens). It comes rolled up like wrapping paper. I cut a piece to fit around the inside edge of the bucket, temporarily moved the compost into another bucket, put the screen inside my regular bin and duck taped it down around the top so that the compost wouldn’t get between the screen and the bucket edge when I roll it around. I suppose that if the squirrels can chew through hard plastic, it would seem likely that a thin aluminum screen would be a piece of cake, but we’ll see. Maybe they won’t be able to get any traction with their gross little teeth.

June 9, 2011

They found the compost

Pretty disgusting, but did you know squirrels can and WILL chew through hard plastic?? We had a rubbermaid bin outside once for garbage, and they managed to get through that. I thought this paint bucket would be okay, but apparently when you start the holes for them, they can make them bigger. Eeeew! Pepper flakes held them off for a couple of days, but I need to figure something else out.

(FYI, this compost pail was really easy to make. Just find one that has a tight-fitting lid and drill a bunch of holes in it for air circulation. It’s sitting in a plastic plant tray, and when you need to mix, you just roll it around with the lid on. Voila!).