Today, while I was waiting for Adele to dry off outside from a bath, I decided it was time to re-arrange the garden a bit to give some folks some more room.  The summer savory, for instance, seemed to be flourishing while the lavender hasn’t really done much of anything all summer.  I removed one of the two savories for drying and shifted the center lavender over to another box where there was a perfect little spot for it between the purple sage.

Image   Image

Image   Image

Lastly, I thought I’d give the rosemary a little room.  We have been enjoying the lemon thyme a lot on potatoes, omlettes, chicken, etc. but it was looking weird going straight across in the round container. Here’s the rosemary with more space and the thyme curving around.  For all of these, I just put the spade in about 4 inches out from the center of the plant, went deep, and crossed my fingers that the minor snapping of roots that I heard wasn’t enough to doom the plants to die. We’ll see how it goes.



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