Oh snap!

We finally ate something! One sugar snap pea for each person, and boy, were they amazingly delicious. I L.O.V.E. sugar snap peas, and it’s definitely true that they taste better if you grow them yourself…

There were also some tiny summer squash (about the size of a cornichon/gherkin) that looked like they had a little end rot, so I clipped them to divert more energy to the good squashes.  I’ll try watering less and see if that helps.

Meantime, we sauteed the good parts of the wee ones to put in an omelet. Also delicious, but I did feel like it was kind of cheating because they weren’t fully grown.

Danny’s parents are still here visiting, so they reminded him (and taught me) the Shehecheyanu blessing for the first fruits of the season. All very exciting!


One Comment to “Oh snap!”

  1. Wow, those peas look good, Elaine! And I love home grown squash. When my friend was growing some, I would go into his backyard, pick a nice plump one, slice it up and saute it on his well-seasoned cast iron skillet. I would just add a little butter, salt & pepper. Mmmmmm … so good. Some of the best squash I’ve ever had.

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